All your support links. One spot.

Say goodbye to the cluttered mess of multiple links and hello to our all-in-one page that effortlessly showcases all your important links.

spot is specifically designed for the self storage industry and best of all, it's free!

Home to thousands of locations

How it works

Guide customers to frequently asked questions and resolve issues quickly.
Customer follows your URL link or scans the provided QR code
Customer selects an option, such as getting help with their access code redirects the customer to the linked URL
When linking to a page with swivlAutomation, your swivlBot opens to continue the conversation. And, tracking is built right in, so you can keep tabs on how many people are using these links and which ones are the most popular.

Customized links

Easily customize which links you want to include on your spot and in what order they're displayed. Out of the box, we include the most common customer service links, many of which are already hooked up to swivlAutomation.

And, for the times when you want to link to external properties, spot makes it easy to add custom website URLs.
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24/7 Chatbot
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